RTT Hypnotherapy for Boarding School Syndrome 

Did you get sent to boarding school and feel its had a lasting impact on your emotional wellbeing?

Well - you’re not the only one! Boarding School Syndrome is now a very recognised symptom of being sent to boarding school at a young age. Many children grow up to believe that the are not good enough, not loved or loveable and are unable to express their feelings.

Behaviours that often go along side boarding school syndrome are addictive personalities - which are formed when the addiction is used to substitute love from family or loved ones. Anxiety, depression, self confidence issues and an inability to process emotions are also very common with people suffering from Boarding school Syndrome. These obviously have a direct effect on your day to day life, from your feelings of personal self worth to your ability to have loving relationships with partners and family.

You have nothing to feel ashamed about. It’s not your fault. You were only a child when this happened. But now you are an adult and responsible to make changes in your life that will ensure a better future for you and your family.

Rapid Transformational Therapy is extremely good at dealing with the effects of boarding school syndrome by helping you identify how your subconscious mind interpreted your situation when you were a child and enabling you to upgrade your sub conscious circuit board so that you can get one with an amazing life without being held back by your past. The most common thing my clients say to me is: “I wish I’d done this sooner!”

If you think you have been effected by boarding school syndrome and want to end this stage in your life - then please get in touch to book a free consultation for RTT. I hold sessions online anywhere in the world via zoom or Skype and have practice in Gloucestershire.