I have created a number of “Journeys of Self Discovery” and one off events so that you can take a closer look at what is holding you back and use some brilliant tools to help shoot you forward into the next phase of your life journey.

Please get in touch if you want to kept up to date with upcoming course and events. Also if you can’t wait for these - then get in touch for a one to one session with me for RTT Hypnotherapy, Coaching or both - online and in person in Gloucestershire.

Journey’s of Self Discovery

  • Awaken the best version of you & learn to love yourself more - What is getting in the way of your best version of you? What is stopping you feeling free, great about yourself, loving yourself and how can you go about changing that reality? (Day retreat)

  • The Power of our minds and how we can embrace that to create a life we love - Learn about how we are masters of our own universe and how your thoughts effect you. I give you some simple tools to help elevate you of negative chatter and awaken your personal power (2 hour confidence shop)

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety in day to day life - We identify what is causing you stress in your day to day life and I give you various tools to manage or eradicate this effectively so we can get on and focus on what we want to be focusing on

  • Light Sourcing and Grounding - I teach you some basic knowledge about Energy Centre’s (Chakras) in our body, how to ground yourself and how to use light energy from source in meditation to help clear blocks, listen to your intuition and get a sense of inner peace - (2 hour confidence shop)

  • Manifesting & Vision Boarding - Get clear on your vision for your future and get creative in this fun session - (2 hour confidence shop)

  • Kundalini Yoga & Kunda Dance Classes - I’ll be running these throughout the summer in my garden and at various amazing venues around Gloucestershire so get in touch to stay in the loop.