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Why is Rapid Transformational Therapy better than regular hypnotherapy?

Because RTT is so much more!

Hypnotherapy is great! When done well - it gives you a chance to give positive suggestions to your subconscious mind. In solution based hypnotherapy the therapist will focus on the solution not the problem, which can help with anxiety, weight, addiction etc and that’s brilliant, but at the end of the day you are still not releasing the initial event that led to the behaviour or belief, and hence much more likely to relapse.

In RTT we do regress to the events that contributed to the issue - but we are just reviewing them. It’s not focussing on the problem - it’s merely being a detective into your own life and discovering the underlying cause of your issue - and removing it!

If you have a splinter - you don’t just cover it with a plaster do you? No, you remove it and then let it heal to perfection, just like it was before the damage. RTT works in the same way. We just extract the memory, turn it around and enable you to heal yourself within the session, allowing you to then focus on you solution based transformation.

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