Why is Rapid Transformational Therapy better than regular hypnotherapy?

Because RTT is so much more!

Hypnotherapy is great! When done well - it gives you a chance to give positive suggestions to your subconscious mind. In solution based hypnotherapy the therapist will focus on the solution not the problem, which can help with a number of issue, but at the end of the day you are still not releasing the initial event that led to the behaviour or belief, and hence much more likely to relapse.

In RTT we do regress to the events that contributed to the issue - but we are just reviewing them. It’s not focussing on the problem - it’s merely being a detective into your own life and discovering the underlying cause of your issue - and removing it!

If you have a splinter - you don’t just cover it with a plaster do you? No, you remove it and then let it heal to perfection, just like it was before the damage. RTT works in the same way. We just extract the memory, turn it around and enable you to heal yourself within the session, allowing you to then focus on you solution based transformation.

RTT gives you a clear understanding of exactly how and why you formed the belief or behaviour and as RTT founder Marisa Peer states “understanding is power”. This is at the crux of RTT  - once you understand why you behave in a certain way - you can negotiate with your subconscious mind and release it! It’s like a lightbulb moment!

RTT uses various other powerful tools whilst the client is in hypnosis to ensure that the belief or behaviour or illness is properly dealt with. Alongside principles of NLP and CBT, Marisa has developed some ground-breaking techniques that we - her therapists use with our clients: To enable your  inner child to finally move on, that enable you to dialogue with the person who may have hurt you and more. We also use an extremely power tool called Command Cell Therapy - which was created by Marisa following groundbreaking scientific research into cells called Epigenetics. It is now widely accepted and proven that each cell in our body has its own brain and we have the ability through the power of our mind and thoughts to heal and change those cells. I have seen this work many times and it’s absolutely incredible that we have the power to change our reality - literally.

To really give yourself a chance to heal the wound that you have been living with for so long you do need to acknowledge where it came from. Cover up words may do the trick in the short term with regular hypnosis - but we are talking about lasting change. Lasting and impactful therapy that really works in 1-3 sessions. This is a long term solution - so you can forget about the shit you’ve been through and start focusing on the great life you’ve been waiting for!

And all of this before a beautiful and bespoke transformational recording that is made for you based on all the solutions you are looking for and all the answers you have got throughout your session.

Most other hypnotherapists don’t insist on their clients listening to a transformational hypnosis for 3 weeks after the session - but RTT recognises that it’s not just the belief, it’s also in the habit and it take at least 3 weeks (21 days) to change a habit - so this way you are certain to get the maximum effect possible from your investment.

Most hypnotherapists require you to go back for sessions over the course of a few months at great cost in time and money. The other incredible thing about RTT  - which is because it’s so effective - is that most issues are dealt with in between 1 and 3 sessions. That’s pretty good going isn’t it? I’ve had many clients who are happy after just one session after having to deal with anxiety for years and years - they are out of my door smiling, looking 10 years younger after 2 hours. Hey presto!

Gone are the days that you have to keep coming back week in week out to see the same therapist - to go over the same old stuff… this is Marisa’s magic and its real.

If you have an issue you want to deal with you can read more about RTT for specific issues on my website: www.charlotteferrier.com  I see clients all over the world online using Zoom which is incredible. Pour some love into yourself and book a free initial consultation for an online RTT session.

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