Kundalini Yoga

Modern Kundalini 

I teach Yoga for real life as taught by Maya Fiennes, which is modern Kundalini Yoga especially developed to fit into our busy lives. It uses original Kundalini exercises (krias) and mantras as well as modifications to enhance your practice. I teach in groups, workshops and on a one to one basis, able to prepare a bespoke lesson for the individual wanting to deal with specific mental or physical issues.

My new weekly offering/workshop is on a Thursday evening 7-8.30pm in Stroud at the Centre of Science and Art. Here I am mixing an energising and awakening Kundalini yoga set with the power of hypnotic guided meditation using light energy and the healing sound of the gong, enabling you to travel deep within. We end in some quiet reflection time where you can re-ground in a safe space or feel free to document your visions creatively with tea. So often we have important personal messages that come to us in these moments and rather than let them leave us - I am holding this space so you can integrate them fully in a way that is right for you at this wonderful venue.

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Kundalini Yoga can help with:

Day to day health and wellbeing

Balancing of hormones

Thyroid problems

Specific fitness issues



Youth and Vitality

Mood Swings

Weight Issues


Lack of Energy

And much more...

More about Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a science and technology. It was kept a secret until Yogi Bhajan brought it to the West in 1969 so that it could be used as a tool to deal with a time of information overload and pressures in society until this point unknown. Kundalini is a tool to help you raise your vibration in order to cope with this new age and the pressures that come with it.

It is a wonderful and effective science that helps support all the systems of the body. It differs from other forms of yoga as its practice directly helps the endocrine system to balance your hormones and your nervous system to send the right messages to your brain and body - in this way assisting us to deal with so many of the day to day mental and physical issues that effect us.

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Kunda Dance

I also teach Kunda Dance which is a wonderful fusion of Kundalini Yoga and Aerobic exercise. Its an hour of full on blockage clearing, energy generating action that leaves you feeling amazing!

Please get in touch with me for an individual consultation or to find out where I am currently teaching.