Choosing to invest in a better life

What value can you place on your happiness, on your empowerment on your future? On your freedom from mental disruption or your feelings of love towards yourself and those around you? On being the best version of you?

Its a choice - and its yours to make - the answers are lying within.

This experience has totally changed my life..
— one of my amazing clients

Rapid Transformational Therapy, hypnotic recording & Coaching Pricing

Of course the real value of these amazing tools to freedom is priceless:

  • RTT in person: £275 (includes initial chat, 90 min - 2 hour session, personalised recording, follow up)

  • RTT online : £250 (includes initial chat, 90 min - 2 hour online session, personalised recording, follow up)

  • RTT block booking of 3 or more: discount of 20%

  • Coaching in person: £90 (1 hour session)

  • Coaching online: £80 (1 hour session)

  • Coaching block booking of 4 or more: discount of 20%

  • Personalised Hypnotherapy recording: £120 (includes detailed questionnaire, 20 min chat & personalised hypnotherapy recording using scientific and proven methods to enable lasting change)

Please note: All RTT and coaching is paid upfront on booking by bank transfer. I can arrange credit card payment with an additional fee (as added by the billing company)or Paypal.

* I reserve a few sessions a month for those on income support. Please contact me for details on wait times and payment options.