Investing in RTT Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching

Rapid Transformational Therapy is a very specialised and powerful technique that offers so much more than hypnotherapy. In many cases a particular issue can be solved in one session and up to three sessions. Whilst amazing results happen from a single session, having extra support in the form of Coaching in the weeks following your session is a fantastic way to optimise results and accentuate possibilities in your future. This is your time and can be used to enforce new patterns of behaviour or to discuss some of the challenges you may be facing on your journey.

Investing in personal change is one of the most important things you can do for yourself in the short and long term. How do you put a price on your personal wellbeing and happiness?!

Because it’s so specialised - most RTT therapists charge upwards of £300 a session, but I am making this incredible therapy more accessible for you with big reductions. I also hope to inspire you with a discounted pricing structure so you do more work on yourself.

In addition to the huge discounts offered for block investment I offer an additional 10% discount from the marked prices for online therapy and coaching. It works exactly the same, but you get the added bonus of being in the comfort of your own home.

This experience has totally changed my life..
— one of my amazing clients

Rapid Transformational Therapy & Coaching Pricing

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20 min Introductory chat

1 x RTT session ( 90 mins)

Personalised Recording

E mail support

Follow Up call

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Start your coaching journey here

1 x 20 min warm up session

4 x Coaching (1hr)



20 min Introductory chat

3 x RTT sessions

3 x Personalised recordings

E mail support

Follow up calls

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Get the most out of your coaching and sign up to 6 sessions

1 x 20 min warm up session

6 x Coaching (1 hr)

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20 min Introductory chat

3 x RTT sessions (90 mins)

3 x Personalised Recordings

2 x Coaching (1hr each)

E mail support

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Start your transformation with an RTT session to make sure your past does not hold you back and then rocket forth! YEEHAA!

20 min chat

1 x RTT session (90 mins)

Personalised recording

6 x hour coaching

Save £180!

Please note: All RTT and coaching is paid upfront on booking by bank transfer. I can arrange credit card payment with an additional fee (as added by the billing company)

* I reserve a few sessions a month for those on income support. Please contact me for details on wait times and payment options.