30 Days to a new you Super QUEST

Instead of just wanting 2018 to be different - you can make it different!

Whats involved?

Over the 30 days you will challenge yourself to go beyond thoughts and ideas. You will work out what was holding you back and move towards purposefully owning your own future.

  • You'll do structured prep work alone,

  • 1 to 1 coaching with me,

  • A powerful Rapid Transformational Therapy session after which you will receive a 21 day personal recording,

  • More structured project development and more 1 to 1 coaching to drive your project into implementation.

  • Full email support for the duration and

  • A final short session with me to congratulate you on your progress and set you on your way.

Only 12 spaces available on this quest so I can dedicate my time to working with you properly. So don't hesitate and take advantage of this Superquest super price of £199 (regular price is £400)

You won't get this opportunity for 1 to 1 outstanding coaching, RTT and support anywhere else, especially at this price, but more people deserve a chance to get their dreams under way and its my mission to see you transform. 

Its time for:


I would highly recommend Charlotte to anyone looking for personal change, for her highly sensitive and professional approach.

FAQ's at the bottom of the page. 

Superquest Payment Options


  • What is RTT?  Please check out my short vid here to explain what RTT is.
  • Why a Quest? A 30 day Quest gives you a set amount of time to start a project and then reach a point where you have moved forward, broken free of perceived limitations, made progress and have a road map for completion
  • Will I be able to cope with the workload?  I have designed this program to be achievable and convenient so you can work it around your schedule. Each week you will have either home work or coaching or RTT to ensure you get the most out of the experience in an enjoyable and productive way.
  • How do you do the remote coaching and RTT and is it as effective? I use a program called Zoom to do the coaching and RTT. It is just as effective and far more convenient as you don't have to waste time with travel. You can do the coaching from work or home but the RTT needs to be in a place you won't be interrupted so home is best.
  • What is RTT?  Please check out my short vid here to explain what RTT is.
  • What is the 21 day recording? I make you a 20 minute transformational recording at the end of our RTT session which you commit to listening to for 21 days. 60% of the work is done in the session but your brain needs time to re wire itself  to the new messages we have created for it. You are giving your mind a permanent upgrade and you need to help back up the message.
  • Do you Guarantee results? I would be extremely surprised if you don't feel changes from this program. Its methods are proven and if you put the time in with the home work, come with an open mind and commit to the 21 day recording then you will be transformed to some degree. Every person is different, but generally what you put in - you get out.
  • What are your qualifications? I am fortunate enough to have been trained by some of the best in the UK. I am an Animas trained coach and Marisa Peer trained me personally in RTT. I am also registered with The General Hypnotherapy Register and have an advanced DBS certificate.
  • How do we arrange our 1 to 1 sessions? As soon as you have signed up I will get in touch to ask you what your preferred times are and we'll get some dates in the diary asap so you can plan ahead. On the start of the quest you will receive your starter pack with worksheets and questionnaire so you can be prepared for our first coaching session and make the most out of it. 

So with all of that covered - what are you waiting for? £200 off an amazing opportunity. 

Superquest Payment Options