Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) for more effective manifesting

There is a lot of noise out on the web about “how to manifest” be it from The Law of Attraction , Neuro science, Quantum Physics and many other schools. As a coach specialising in helping you manifest the life you want, I have become increasingly aware of how we can get in our own way with the process of manifestation. One of the key parts to successful manifestation is being able to visualise and project yourself into your future and its safe to say that this is impossible to do freely if you are still holding onto emotions from your past or allowing events or experiences from your past to effect your thinking. It will not work!

Meditation and hypnotic recordings can have a great effect on your ability to let go of the past and associated thoughts patterns over time, but do take note - this may take some time.

Enter Rapid Transformational Therapy which literally gets to the root cause of each issue in the first session so that you can understand whats going on, let it go and therefore stop those neurons from firing and wiring to the same old story. This way you allow new neurons to fire and wire together from a neutral place - that freely allows you to project yourself into your future.

Obviously it depends how deeply entrenched in past emotions you are and how many issues you need to work through, but RTT really is a targeted and effective way to free yourself so you can start manifesting with power.

RTT is especially powerful in enabling changes in the brain

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) allows us to access the subconscious memories at the root of our issue in order to specifically let go of them which allows changes in the brain structure and gives us the freedom to create a new future from a neutral place - to create new neural pathways and genes based upon what we want in our life without the interference of the past. Our body and mind can then be in sync to create the future we really want.

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) effectively helps us “Prune” unwanted neural pathways. RTT helps us pinpoint connections that are no longer needed. This means we have increased clarity, increased focus, increased intention on what we do want in our lives without the emotions and feelings of past events getting in the way.

When past events have been dealt with in this way - through understanding and a process of letting go - they can be used as wisdom.

RTT(Rapid Transformational Therapy) causes changes in the brain

Areas of the brain that see changes in brain activity with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), Hypnotic recordings and meditations

The Amygdala: plays a key role in processing emotions related to pleasure and pain. When inputs that are seen as a threat an immediate reaction is created without the consultation of the pre-frontal cortex. This reaction could be anything from a panic attack to binge eating or drinking to a nervous tick. Even if inputs are not actually a threat (the amygdala is reacting based upon past experience).

RTT allows the client to release old experiences related to pain or addictive behaviour related to perceived pleasure - which helps in reducing the grey matter of the amygdala.  This means you are much less likely to go into spontaneous fight, flight or freeze reactions (stress reactions)or succumb to cravings and addictive tendencies and the amygdala will communicate effectively with the Pre Frontal Cortex and make an informed and objective decision on a situation rather than a spontaneous subconscious reaction.

The Pre Frontal Cortex: Responsible for executive functions of the brain: intention, emotional regulation, empathy, self, communication skills, wise decisions actually strengthens while in a hypnotic state and during meditation.

The Hippocampus: is associated with memory and learning of emotions. In a stressed or traumatised state the grey matter in this area is reduced. Being in a theta state as in hypnosis and during meditation increases the grey matter of this area.

The importance of the hypnotic recording / meditations

Once new neural pathways have been fired it is essential that the new belief is rehearsed and revisited because as Kandel stated in 2000 when he won the Nobel Peace prize:

New learning creates new synaptic connections in the brain, but you need to revisit and review soon after to make them stick! Repetition makes it stick and builds strength in the new connections made.