I am so grateful to have been taught some of the most powerful and effective techniques available to us to deal with the pressures of modern day living and help facilitate a joyful and fruitful life. I've been taught these by some of the best teachers in the world and absolutely love bringing them to my clients to help them transform their lives.

I was spurred to this calling through my own life journey, having experienced many of the emotions and issues my clients come to me for I was able to rebuild my life into something I love through the practice and healing that I can now offer.

I have two wonderful children and an amazing life partner and move between Gloucestershire and London in the UK, but I also see clients all over the world online and love travelling. 

If you are looking for an opportunity to rewrite your life story and make sure your voyage is filled with positivity and excitement for the future or are interested in how Kundalini Yoga can be a part of your life then please get in touch and I'd love to chat!

"The World Is Your Oyster"