Where you feel joyful, fulfilled, connected, enough and at peace… What is getting in the way of that for you?

The most common thing my clients say to me is: “I wish I’d done this sooner!”

I experienced a seismic shift after seeing Charlotte for one RTT session! I cannot recommend her enough
— Client who had anxiety issues getting in the way of their best life

Most of our issues stem from the environment we grew up in, the events from our past, how they made us feel and the meaning we attached to them.

We find ourselves living with subconscious programming that forms the blueprint for how we are. This often doesn’t fit in with our lives in the present and restricts us from creating the life we want to be living in the future.

We have the power to change when we put our minds to it. Let me help you let go of whats not working for you so that you can get on and enjoy life.

This experience has totally changed my life..
— Client who had anxiety issues getting in the way of their best life



I am a Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. I also work as a Marisa Peer mentor & trainer and absolutely dedicated in offering you the best of this incredible method.

RTT is much more than just hypnotherapy & brings you results quickly and permanently. The method works with the principles of neuro-science and combines regression in hypnotherapy with NLP and CBT to bring you rapid relief.

Contrary to popular belief - you don’t have to go into therapy for years to beat your issue. With RTT, we get you to the root cause of what is holding you back, be it mental or physical in 1 session and can go to even deeper levels in further sessions. I help free you from beliefs or behaviour that you formed in the past that no longer serve you, because you get a clear understanding of exactly when, where and why they were formed. We then work on a solution based approach to your future - giving you real confidence on both a conscious and sub-conscious level so that you can get on with creating an awesome life!

Read a little bit about the science behind how RTT enables positive changes in our brain activity here.

RTT is a process - it’s a commitment to a better life - whatever that means for you. Most of my clients come out of a session saying they wish they had done this years ago! I am based in Gloucestershire in the UK but help people all over the world using online RTT hypnotherapy with phenomenal results.

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I highly recommend Charlotte for a seriously effective therapy with lasting impact
— Client who was being held back by Anxiety & Phobias


Kundalini Yoga was brought to the West by Yogi Bhajan to help us deal with information overload brought about by “The Aquarian Age”. We can see this all round us in the anxiety, overwhelm and depression caused by the stress of modern day living - work pressures, social media, social pressure, loss of connection with friends, spirit and community… So many people have lost the thread and don’t know how to re-ground, reconnect and become aware of what is not working. IT IS ALL TOO MUCH! I teach a modern version of Kundalini Yoga that was created to fit in with our modern day lives and use breathing techniques and mantra to help people meditate and look inwards - creating some inner peace. I also use Yoga Nidra style guided meditation to help people find their neutral mind and connect within. I have regular classes and workshops to share these incredible practices. Get in touch for more info or check out my youtube channel for meditations and breathing exercises to help you deal with stress and anxiety and help you feel the love for yourself and the world around you.


I use intuitive coaching to help support you getting to where you want to go. I can help you break down what is not working for you so you can focus your attention on what you really want to be doing when you are true to yourself and where you want to be going.

You can manifest the life you want and as your I help you get their faster and make it a fun journey at the same time. I use a variety of techniques I have learnt from some of the worlds best in their fields including principles of the Law of Attraction, Quantum Physics and Neuro Science and I am delighted to be able to support you in your journey of self discovery and transformation so that you can lead the best version of your true path.

When used alongside Rapid Transformational Therapy you can release your past and shoot straight into a perfect vision of your future. They really are a powerful mix and enable you to stop wasting your precious time and get on with living an awesome life!

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Where our awareness and focus goes - the energy flows and we are able to manifest amazing freedom and desires that are true to us. The problem is - we have so much going on in our lives on a day to day basis and we have so much going on at a subconscious level we are not even aware of - that this focus gets splintered or we are living in a cycle of past thoughts and feelings which are blocking the things we really want to happen.

Through working at a subconscious level - we can overcome these challenges and make sure that you are focused on what you really want from life - on both a subconscious and a conscious level! This way - we connect your desire to your focus and energy and make amazing things happen! Its neuro-science - it works - and its right here waiting for you.

I have designed this powerful formula of hypnotic recording for you to get what you really want through the use of scientifically proven techniques.

As a clinical hypnotherapist dedicated to continuous professional development, I have also studied NLP, the Law of Attraction, mindfulness and allowance of success principles in order to bring you the most effective personalised recording that works in accordance with neuroscience to free you of things you do not want and bring you things you do want - easily and effortlessly!

I will create a personalised hypnotherapy recording for you, that will be tailored specifically to your issue or desire. If you have a severe block or issue I would always recommend a full RTT session as the most rapid and effective route to freedom, however this is a great alternative to one on one therapy and great value.

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I am lucky enough to have been taught RTT by its founder Marisa Peer. I obtained my diploma in Transformational Coaching at the notorious Animas school of Coaching and was taught Kundalini Yoga by the amazing Maya Feinnes and I’m so excited to share these techniques and all the other wonderful things I have studied in continual Professional Development with you so you can…

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