reedom in one session!

Hypnosis & Coaching for people looking for positive change

We have the power to change when we put our minds to it. Let me help you navigate there faster so you can get on and enjoy life.

RTT Hypnotherapy gets you a clear understanding of your issue in the first session so that you can free yourself and move on.

This experience has totally changed my life..
— Client with anxiety issues

How do I help you transform so rapidly?


I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist - here to help free you from issues getting in the way of your happiness.

RTT Hypnotherapy is a groundbreaking hypnosis that produces unparalleled results. It combines regression in hypnotherapy with NLP and CBT and brings you rapid relief. You don’t have to go into therapy for years to beat your issue. With RTT, we get you to the root cause of what is holding you back, be it mental or physical in 1 session and can go to even deeper levels in further sessions. I help free you from beliefs or behaviour that you formed in the past that no longer serve you, because you get a clear understanding of exactly when, where and why they were formed. Rapid Transformational Therapy has won award after award because its so effective. Check out my testimonials to see what my clients say! I am based in Nailsworth, near Stroud in Gloucestershire but help people all over the world over the internet with brilliant results. Get in touch today to see how I can help you. Try calling me on 07807 284203 or get in touch using the form on the site.


I highly recommend Charlotte for a seriously effective therapy with lasting impact
— Client for Anxiety & Phobias
Well WOW is all i can say.!!!...Charlotte has an incredible ability to grasp your situation and intuitively knows how to guide you almost straight away, you feel at ease with her instantly.
— Self Esteem Client


Are you ready to make changes in your life, but are strugging to make it happen?

Let’s make that process enjoyable, focused and stress free with


I use Transformational Life Coaching to help you explore where you are at, where you want to go and what is holding you back. I use a variety of coaching techniques to enable you to move forward and reach places you previously didn't believe you could.

We can have stand alone coaching sessions or alongside RTT if you want support in your journey. I am there to get you on track to the place you want to be in relieving you of pressure and accelerating your vision of your future.

Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini Yoga uses movement, mantra and meditation to help clear your energy channels, enable your body to secrete the right amount of  hormones, your nervous system to function properly and for you to achieve balance in both mind body and spirit. As well as teaching group sessions, I offer one to one classes to deal with bespoke issues like hormone imbalances. It is an incredible science and energy shifter. I am a certified "Yoga for Real Life" teacher as taught by Maya Fiennes and bring this incredible version of Kundalini to you in a group or workshop setting or I can create bespoke one to one classes to deal with your particular stage in life both physically and mentally. 


I am excited to introduce people to this incredible fusion of aerobic dancing and Kundalini yoga. Not only is it a great work out, its really fun and clears blocks throughout our system simultaneously! 

I have been taught these amazing and powerful techniques by some of the worlds best in their fields and am delighted to bring them to you so that you can....